Free Metro for All L.A. Students!

If you believe transportation is an education right and that public transportation should be provided free of charge to all students in L.A. County, please sign our petition. When students are willing to jump the turnstile and risk getting a fare evasion ticket just so they can get to school, you know there's a need for reform. Please join our campaign to make Metro free for all Los Angeles students!


Of the 66% of YouthBuild Charter School of California students who have missed at least one day of school due to transportation-related issues, 49% indicated that they've missed school because they could not afford to pay for their Metro TAP card or bus pass. 39% of students have missed one to two days of school per month because of transportation issues and 28% have missed 3-5 days per month. This is unacceptable. 

 Our students have so many obstacles they must face on a daily basis. 92% are identified as socio-economically disadvantaged and qualify for the NSLP's Free and Reduced Lunch Program. Many of them are single parents. The majority of our students work either part-time or full-time to help support their families. Getting to school should not have to be one more obstacle in the way of their success. 

We are advocating that Los Angeles follow in the footsteps of other major metropolitan areas, such as New York City, Washington D.C. and Boston, and provide free public transportation for all K12 students so they can get to and from school safely and affordably. 

YouthBuild Charter School of California students share their stories:

“There were two times that I was ticketed by the sheriff. Both times were when I was either going to school or coming back from school. I never really had money to pay for the passes. Riding the Metro Rail was my way to get to school and I know many others do the same because that’s their only option.”

“I take the bus, but sometimes I do not have enough money and I have to walk home, which is more than five miles away.”

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    This is what democracy looks like.

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