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More than any other reason, students drop out of college because they have to work to support themselves and their families.

In lieu of a diamond engagement ring, The Education Is Forever Scholarship was created by Irene Hsieh and Aaron Scholl in 2015 to celebrate the lasting impact that education has on a person’s future. This scholarship supports YouthBuild graduates by reducing the economic barriers for college success and aid them in fulfilling their great potential as community leaders. 

100% of gifts will go directly to the scholarship fund and are tax deductible.

Your donation’s impact:

$50 provides a monthly bus pass to and from school.

$65 helps provide books and school supplies for one month.

$100 helps provide one month of tuition at a Los Angeles community college.

$750 helps provide one month of childcare for a student’s child.

$1,435 helps provide rent for one month in Los Angeles.

If you would like to make a monthly commitment, you may do so using the installments option. Thank you for your support!


CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR 2018-19 Education Is Forever Scholars!!

Click here to learn more about our Education Is Forever scholars. 

2018-19 $1,000 Scholarship Winners:
Oscar Arriola (South LA)
Brianna Beecher (Fresno)
Edgar Gonzalez (Lennox)
Gloria Gonzalez (Inglewood)
Skye Johnson (Hollywood)
Felix Martinez (Fresno)
Yadira Refugio (South LA)
Alex Villa (Fresno)

2018-19 $500 Scholarship Winners:
Gricelda Arias (Avalon/Slauson)
Christian Arnold (Fresno)
Shonnishia Hall (Culver City)
Naol Kebede (South LA)
Tyler Langrehr (Bakersfield)
Amber Robertson (Fresno)
John Rodriguez (Fresno)
Alejandro Sanchez Barajas (Fresno)
Nestor Sanchez (Fresno)
Kevinisha Winston (Culver City)
Lania Whiteside (Culver City)
Brielle Wolfe (Culver City)

2017-18 Education Is Forever Scholars:

Kenny Altamirano (Lennox)
Jessica Christain (Moreno Valley)
Amethyst Ewing (Inglewood)
Sheila Fonseca (East LA)
Neira Lopez Martinez (Fresno)
Alex Mora (Fresno)
Erick Nelson (San Bernardino)
Jairo Ortega (Norwalk)
Anaisa Ramirez (East LA)
Erick Rodriguez (Norwalk)
Jonathan Solis (East LA)
Beatriz Velasquez (South LA)

2016-17 Education Is Forever Scholars:

Amber Duron (Boyle Heights)
Kenny Altamirano (Lennox)
Jennifer Sabayon (South LA)
Aura Xec (South LA)
Francisco Martines (Inglewood)
Alina Guerra (Boyle Heights)
Saul Castano (South LA)
Fernanda Garcia (South LA)
Ashley Martinez (South LA)
Jose (Niko) Salas (Lennox)
Griselda Martinez (East LA)

2015-16 Education Is Forever Scholars: 

$1,000 Scholarship Winners: Candelaria Renteria, Edgar Gonzalez, Mike Laredo, Natalie Pinedo, Gloria Carrasco

$500 Scholarship Winners: Brian Perez, Joel Henderson, Karina Marroquin, Sanjay Stoney, Daniel Hurtado

Los Angeles City Council Member Curren Price $1000 Scholarship Winners: Lesly Jimenez, Kristina Rosas, Tylor Sewell, Brian Blandon, Jovany Lopez

Students and alumni, please stay tuned for information and an application for next year's Education Forever Scholarship. 

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